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Danesh Institute Conferences

2016 Annual Conference

Date: October 21,2016
On the campus of IUPUI
IU School of Social Work
University Hall
301 University Blvd, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

Iranians in Diaspora: Ethnic and Religious Diversity

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Conference Planning Committee

A Conference Sponsored by DÄ€NESH Institute

Hosted by Indiana University School of Social Work

Historians agree that one of the principal characteristics of enduring civilization of Iran has been cultural and religious diversity of its people. Of the present Iranian population, almost one-half is of Persian origin, while the other half represents several ethnic groups such as Armenians, Azaris, Kurds, Lurs, and Turkmans. The vast majority of Persians as well as Azaris are Moslem Shi'ite. The others are Moslem Sunni, Jewish, Baha'i, Christian, and Zoroastrian. This ethnic and religious diversity is particularly evident among Iranians in diaspora. While sharing many of Persian cultural practices, these diverse groups adhere also to their unique cultures. Thus, the primary focus of this year's DANESH conference is to recognize and understand the Iranian diverse ethnic and religious groups in diaspora, particularly in the United States.

Planning Committee Members: Cyrus Behroozi, Ebrahim Fakouri, Mohammad Kaviani, Shamsi Javaheri Mansoori, Irene Queiro-Tajalli, Sholeh Shahrokhi, and Bita Zakeri